Berry, Australia

Outdoor fitness trails within community spaces

Together with our partner in Australia Playscape Creations, we have succesfully completed this very cool Outdoor Fitness project at the Rotary Nature Play Park at Boongaree, Berry.

Containing 8 exercise units including a combination unit, this wonderful community space, set amongst stunning surrounds, provides endless FITNESS options in a social and inclusive atmosphere.

Playscape Creations worked with the City Design team at Shoalhaven City Council and Berry Rotary. They were interested in the quality, warranty and maintenance of the equipment and wanted a range of fitness elements to suit teenagers through to seniors. Aligned with the Norwell design aesthetic, these individual pieces help enhance the overall recreational environment.

Placing fitness trails within community spaces overcomes any socio-economic barriers people have to entry; no membership is required, and people can train at a time that suits their schedule, bringing along children, friends and family members as needed. These spaces then become an intergenerational meeting point – connecting and motivating people and supporting a healthier, more active community.

By combining two health-enhancing activities -moving your body and getting outdoors – outdoor exercise delivers exceptional results: enhancing your mood, saving you money and time and giving your workouts new social interaction.

For this fitness area following Norwell stations are installed: Calisthenics Frame, Combi 3, Cross, Chest, leg, Rider and the Bench.

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