Depth/Width: 0,68 x 0,43 m
Height: 1,0 m
Safety zone: 3,68 x 4,43 m
Safety zone m2: 10,69 m2
Falling height: 0,45 m
Foundations depth: 0,60 m


By playing on the KANGAROO springer, the small child trains his ability to balance. When the child tilts, it tickles the stomach, and joy emerges in the child. With rocking movements, the child strengthens its vestibular sense – also called the round-toe sense, which contributes to a child’s motor development.

Rocking the Kangaroo springer trains the child’s sense of balance and space as well as leg and arm muscles when holding tight and pushing your feet hard into the foot supports.
All of these basic motor and muscle skills help train the child’s bodily cognition, supporting important life skills such as being able to sit still on a chair or navigate traffic securely.



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