Depth/Width: 2,06 x 2,06 m
Height: 0,45 m
Safety zone:
Safety zone m2: 23,72 m2
Falling height: 0,45 m
Foundations depth: 0,50 m


With the RECO sandbox, the children – even the very young – enjoy several play values, which all contribute to a child’s motor development.
Here, the children will be able to play together and strengthen their senses – especially the sense of touch. Touching sand will, in addition to strengthening the sense of touch, also strengthen their coordination and motor skills interms of building, digging and stacking sand in various forms.

Recycling plastic Norwell BenchThe RECO playground equipment has a construction of poles made of a composite material,

which is made from 100% recycled plastic waste and panels in HDPE.

A very solid and durable alternative to other well-known playground solutions, and requires only a minimum of maintenance.
With playground equipment from Norwell’s Green Line series RECO,
it is now possible to choose a more sustainable playground manufactured of raw materials with reduced CO2 emissions.



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