Technical data

Depth/Width: 4,74 x 5,43 m
Height: 2,30 m
Safety zone: 11,44 x 12,07 m
Safety zone m2: 108,96 m2
Falling height: 1,25 m
Foundations depth: 0,60 m

Hexagon Swing – 30121M

By playing in the HEXAGON swing, the children benefit from several play values, all contributing to a child’s motor development.
Eg swing, climb – practice coordination and balance.
Swinging develops the child’s senses and helps to increase the ability to concentrate. The swing movements stimulate the main balance, which captures information about direction and speed. A swing ride not only gives a buzz in the stomach, but also trains coordination when the body and legs have to move in a controlled way,
to keep the speed going. As well as training balance and coordination, it also strengthens agility, motor skills and senses.

These play values are essential for the child’s motor development and
will strengthen thechild’s readiness for learning.


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