Technical data

Depth/Width: 3,50 x 0,14 m
Height: 2,50 m
Safety zone: Ø 8,0 m
Safety zone m2: 50,26 m2
Falling height: 1,50 m
Foundations depth: 1,0 m

Runa – 00702

With the RUNA carousel, the children can swing around by grabbing the handles and running the carousel. The play equipment has several play values, including rotation and balance, and when it is spun and swung around, the child’s vestibular sense is strengthened and challenged – also called the round-toe sense. This is important to train so that basic motor skills are developed and to be come better motor skills.

Play values are essential for the child’s motor development andwill strengthen the child’s readiness for learning and
will strengthen thechild’s readiness for learning.


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