Technical data

Depth/Width: 4,32 x 0,15 m
Height: 2,85 m
Safety zone: 7,66 x 4,49 m
Safety zone m2: 25,22 m2
Falling height: 1,50 m
Foundations depth: 0,80 m

Urban Tree 4 – 70704

With the URBAN TREE 4 swing and climbing sculpture, the children benefit from play values that contribute to a child’s motor development.
The children can swing, crawl, balance, climb and practice strength and coordination. The swing movements stimulate the main balance, which captures information about direction and speed. A swing ride not only gives you a buzz, but also trains coordination as your body and legs have to move in a controlled way to keep up the speed.
As well as training balance and coordination, it also strengthens agility, motor skills and senses.


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