Depth/Width: 7,18 x 3,35 m
Height: 5,91 m
Safety zone: 9,78 x 10,63 m
Safety zone m2: 65,90 m2
Falling height: 2,20 m
Foundations depth: 0,60 m


With the RECO 5 play tower, the children benefit from many play values, which all contribute to a child’s motor development. For example crawling, climbing, sliding and balancing. These play values are essential to develop the child´s motor skills and even increase their ability to concentrate and learn.

Recycling plastic Norwell Bench

he RECO playground equipment has a construction of poles made of a composite material,

which is made from 100% recycled plastic waste and panels in HDPE.

A very solid and durable alternative to other well-known playground solutions, and requires only a minimum of maintenance.
With playground equipment from Norwell’s Green Line series RECO,
it is now possible to choose a more sustainable playground manufactured of raw materials with reduced CO2 emissions.



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