Fitness Park - Jarlsø, Norway

Outdoor fitness park in housing area

This Norwell outdoor fitness park is part of a recreational area around a new residential area in Jarlsø, Tønsberg – Norway.
The perfect residential area with the opportunity for a lot of activities, which not only is strengthened through sports and fitness, but is also of high value to residents in the area, where it forms a framework for communities and also sends an important signal about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and social integration.
A fitness park is the perfect meeting place with easy and free access to maintain and train your body. Here you can, among other things, do strength training at Norwell’s fitness stations.
An outdoor fitness park that offers countless opportunities to meet and be together around a lot of fun outdoor sports/fitness activities.

For this fitness park following equipment was chosen: Pull Up, Sit-Up, Back and Leg.

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