Resen - Skive, Denmark

Outdoor fitness multipark in a public community

In Resen, close the the city Skive, this cool Multi-Sport park was established in cooperation with our partner PlanLeg. The Multi-sport park has a lot of facilities and invites to a variety of outdoor activities.
You can train on Norwell’s new Functional trainer, where strength and endurance are challenged in combination with cardio. With a number of Street Workout equipment, strength is in focus here as well. Also there is an area where wheelchair users and other people with special needs can do some exercise.
An outdoor fitness park that offers a lot of opportunities to meet and socialize around a variety of outdoor sports/fitness activities.
The Resen Multipark association describes its goal as making the park an inclusive place where all groups of citizens want to come because there are meaningful activities for everyone. In addition, the park was intended to be a meeting place for spontaneous activities and an active center in the heart of the district of Resen. It provides a framework for the development of cultural and social activities, inviting children and young people, adults and the elderly to come together, encouraging activity in the form of play, sport and conviviality in both organized and unorganized forms.
This is definitely about “FITNESS FOR EVERYONE”!

For this fitness park following equipment was chosen: Functional Trainer, Sit-Up, Cross, Step Block, Triple Pull-Up, Dual Bar, Rider, Tire Flip, Hand Cycle, Tai Chi.

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