Pollenzo - Italy

Futdoor fitness park at a hotel

At this very nice hotel in Pollenzo, close to Alba in the southern Italy – the guests are offered outdoor fitness, when they enjoy their stay and the surroundings around the old castle.

This elegant building Albergo dell’ Agenzia once belonged to the King of Savoy. It has 2 hectares of gardens where the Norwell outdoor fitness equipment can be found on a nice spot in the park. The Norwell fitness equipment offers strength- and cardio training on the Danish designed sculptural tools, which fit very naturally into the environment in the old park.

This fitness park was installed in cooperation with our partner: www.euroform-w.com

For this project following items were chosen: Chest, Back, AirWalker, Sit-Up, Cross, Bench & Pull-Up.

Products selected

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