Asti - Italy

Fitness park in city park

Outdoor fitness – “a new way of doing sport” in the city of Asti. Nice and aesthetic park design with the well known light and transparent Norwell Outdoor Fitness equipment.
After a long time of Corona lockdown Commune Di Asti in Italy decided to install a fitness park – a city park with sports and fitness equipment with a “lawn finish” to match the park area and Norwell´s sculptural fitness equipment to melt into the surroundings.

With Norwell´s integrated QR-codes and app-system the users have access to viewing demonstration videos and small tutorials showing “how to”. The park is always open, and the fitness area is free of charge and offers all citizens, regardless age, ability, and social status the opportunity to practice physical activity and encourages healthy lifestyles. – With this great Fitness Area, Asti really added value to the city!

This fitness park – Parco Divisione Acqui – was installed in cooperation with our partner:

For this project following outdoor fitness equipment has been chosen: Triple Pull Up, Horizontal Ladder, Cross, Hip, Bench, Sit-Up, Chest and Back – and provide an all-round training.

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