NW501B Bench

The Bench is full of possibilities for training your abdomen, back, arms and legs – and for resting comfortably. Great equipment to complete the fitness park.



Exercise 1

Lie down on the bench with your lower back pressed flat into the bench and your head and shoulders raised slightly above it. Place your hands lightly on the sides of your head; don’t knit your fingers behind. Lift one leg just off the ground and extend it out. Lift the other leg and bend your knee towards your chest. As you do so twist through your core so the opposite arm comes towards the raised knee, and do The Bicycle Crunch.

Exercise 2

Lie face down on the bench with the legs stretched out under the bar and raise upper body from the bench.

Exercise 3

Face the Bench, place your hands on the seat and do push-ups.

Exercise 4

Place the hands on the seat with your back to the front of the seat. Do dips.

Exercise 5

Lie down, place your feet under the bar, raise and lower your upper body.

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