Westman Islands, Iceland

Fitness park with an amazing view on rocky iceland

On the rocky and very beautiful Heimaey island – part of the Westman Islands on Iceland – a Norwell fitness park was just installed. The landscape is amazing and when sailing around the islands it is not uncommon to see whales and most likely you will meet some beautiful puffins. There is a lot of activity on the island and many great hiking trails, big football sports halls, a very nice swimming pool,- and now they have added a great Norwell outdoor fitness park with the most amazing view.

The Norwell fitness equipment with its beautiful and discreet look matches the nature very well.

In the fitness park you cantrain on: Cross, Bar, Dual Pul Up, Back, Chest, Sit Up, Bench, Springer, Tire Flip and Stretch
Together they offer a wide and varied training program.

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