Modena - Italy

A public city park in the commune of Ancona has 2 Norwell fitness areas.

The first station located at the main entrance is equipped with fitness equipment suitable for elderly and/or slightly disabled users or for rehabilitation therapies followed by trauma. The second station consisting of equipment suitable for all those who want to train, improve cardiovascular activity, burn calories – or just in general keep fit! The idea was to make an active outdoor area in the city park, – allowing easy access even to wheelchair users and compliance with safety regulations, and at the same time keep the natural look with respect for the nature and the environment. The installation should have functionality, little maintenance, and low environmental impact, allowing lawn to grow and keep it green.

This fantastic place offers an all-round workout ranging from strength training to gentle mobility.

A beautiful outdoor space that allows citizens to play sports, go for walks and games, as well as workout outdoors on Norwell fitness equipment without disturbing the paths to archaeological sites; but still enjoying the atmosphere of the amazing historical site.

This fitness park was installed in cooperation with our partner:
For this project following outdoor fitness equipment has been chosen: Dual-Bar, Step Blocks, AirWalker, Sit-Up, Twister, Parkour, Rider & Triple Pull-up.

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